Space: The Omega Frontier

Omega’s sixtieth anniversary celebration was a tribute to the brand’s storied history, and the Speedmaster’s legacy among the stars.

by Emil Hofileña


For all the prestige they’ve earned over the years, watchmaking giants Omega decided to herald their sixtieth anniversary in the spirit of tongue in cheek humor by having men in space suits wander through London while wearing the Omega Speedmaster. From this fish out of water image to naming their anniversary party “Lost in Space,” Omega seem to be implying the exact opposite: that, with the watchmaker’s historically beloved products, losing one’s way simply isn’t possible.




Omega’s reputation as a luxury watch brand is built on a focus on functionality above all else. Over the years, this design choice has proven to be naturally compatible with notions of heroism: Omega models began as pilots’ watches in World War I, then as the official timekeeping pieces of the Olympic Games, then as the preferred watches of NASA due to their sheer durability. At the anniversary party, held on April 26 at the Tate Modern gallery, George Clooney spoke about the Speedmaster functioning as a symbol of maturity passed down from generation to generation. The event was also graced by the presence of former astronaut and guest of honor Buzz Aldrin, who recounted his experiences during the moon landing, saying that he and his fellow astronauts had no reason to be afraid, even that far from Earth.


The sixtieth anniversary celebration was more than a round of toasts; it was an audiovisual tribute to the brand’s resilience and the Speedmaster’s legacy, and a promise of continuing its tradition of excellence. Never losing that ironic sense of humor, Omega ended the night with British singer-songwriter Eska performing the David Bowie classic “Space Oddity,” a song about an astronaut drifting off into empty space. Perhaps Major Tom should have worn a Speedmaster.


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