Menswear Maketh Man

Hackett London’s new Spring-Summer collection guarantees effortless comfort and style in any location and weather condition.

by Emil Hofileña, art by Andrew Panopio, photo by Hackett London
British menswear retailer Hackett London gladly embraces the stereotype so many of us associate with the typical English gentleman: sophisticated, mature, and capable of wearing a bespoke suit in practically any situation. But contrary to what we might think from watching all those James Bond movies, dressing like an Englishman isn’t about toughing it out in a classy outfit, even during the most uncomfortable occasions; it’s about adapting so well to every situation so that discomfort never becomes a possibility in the first place.

Hackett London’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection captures that image of comfort and poise through three different expressions. The New City Look uses water repellent and infrared-reflecting technology to create the perfect lightweight get-ups for the British summer — often rainy with bursts of sunshine, much like the weather in the Philippines. The English Riviera theme looks at the typical Englishman on holiday and offers a variety of shirts, chinos, and textured jackets that customers are free to mix and match,

depending on their vacation spot. For those who prefer getting away to the beach, the Man in the Caribbean line of breathable beiges and blues taps into the tranquil spirit at the heart of every English gentleman, even under the heat.



The Spring-Summer 2017 collection doesn’t stop at clothing. Hackett London understands a man’s need to take his business with him; they offer matching umbrellas, briefcases, holdalls, phone wallets, and notebooks that keep you organized, no matter which corner of the globe you’ve trotted out to. Thankfully, even if you just choose to stay on home soil, Hackett London keeps all-purpose comfort and style within reach.



Hackett is located at Bonifacio High Street, Power Plant, Rustan’s Makati, and Rustan’s Shangri-La.