Is it manly to moisturize?

Nico Bolzico—footballer, businessman, best person to follow on Instagram, and our first ever Curator for—weighs in on a topic of his expertise.

by Andrea Ang
Nico Bolzico is quite the specimen. The social media star and perennially ripped agricultural businessman does a whole lot of everything: work, food, football, travel, family, captions, and now, skincare.

Bolzico is one of the newest ambassadors of Kiehl’s, which he uses as an opportunity to call out men who blindly denounce skincare (and, by extension, sun protection) as a female agenda. "My grooming routine started when I realized that the macho statement of 'I don’t use creams for the face' was senseless," he explains, using the none too popular school of thought entitled rational judgement. "Taking care of your face is as important as taking care of your body."

And that it is. Women are, after all, not the only human beings covered in skin. (The 10-step routine, however, is voluntary.) Here, he talks to Rogue about why no one is too macho or too manly to moisturize-- including Adrien Semblat.
Do Argentinians have a grooming philosophy, the way the French do?

The French are very metrosexual. I have many French friends and they all look very good and take their time grooming themselves, take [Adidas country manager] Adrien Semblat for example. Argentinians are more the type who make fun of you if you groom which I think is so dumb. All of them who make fun of grooming look old and wrinkly now. Hehehe. Just kidding.

The grooming culture is just starting in Argentina. We are always a bit behind, but people are realizing that it is not just about looking good but about being healthy and protecting yourself.


How did you begin making your own grooming routine? Did being active or playing sports have anything to do with it?

Playing sports is completely related to it. I do sports because I enjoy it and also because my body needs it. My body needs it to stay healthy, add oxygen to my blood, help me have a clearer mind, and of course to look a bit better. While grooming is in the same line of objectives but more related to your skin, at the end of the day our skin is our biggest muscle. Saw that in a movie, not sure if it is a fact…


What have you started to use then? Because you work out, of course.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Line, at night after working out, became a must. Also, I like Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream for hydration. I sweat a lot during sports.

Also, I’m happy to be included in the Friends Of Kiehl’s roster in the Philippines as an ambassador. We just launched a campaign called #DoItBetterWithKiehls. It’s a bid to achieve a better skincare regimen by choosing high-quality products with results that really deliver. It’s all about smart product choices to kickstart an effective skincare habit.


What’s your ideal workout nowadays?

I don’t have ideal workouts. I vary all the time. I try to work out doing sports because it is more fun. I like playing football or boxing as they are more fun than running. I also like to combine some sort of gym routines utilizing my own weight (push up, pull ups, abs). Lastly, when I have the privilege to train with Erwan, then we take the workout to a different level. He trains us in what we call #HouseOfErwan.

Does your routine change abroad? What’s one thing you could never leave behind?

Passport of course! But I cannot travel without my headphones. I like to immerse myself in my own world listening to music. I have different playlists depending on the trip. When I go to Argentina I play that song that says “I am coming home, I am coming home, tell the world I am coming home.”


You’re the type who doesn’t forget anything when you travel?

I always forget the stupid universal plug adaptor. I don’t understand why the world just doesn’t unify the plugs into one!


What’s the best cure for a hangover?

Go for a 10K run or anything that makes you sweat the alcohol out from your blood. It has to be intense!


Do you have to put on some product for that?

Kiehl’s Activated Sun Protector, no doubt!


Do you have any game day rituals?

Not really rituals, but I try to stay focused. If we have a football game for the league or cup, I rest well and eat light for that day — no eating 5 hours before the game. It is difficult when we play Sunday afternoons and we have Sunday Family Lunch at the Heussaffs.


Speaking of the Heussaffs, anything you steal from Wifezilla’s side of the toiletries shelf?

Tooth paste, tooth brush, mouth wash, and alcohol.


Sex or football?

Depends on the day. Sunday is football day so that’s a non-negotiable. But every time I get the chance for sexy times, I take it. Solenn is really busy so it doesn’t come too often. Just kidding. Wifezilla will kill me when she reads this! Tough life!