Have You Met Andy?

In case you haven’t, let us introduce you to the newest whisky making the rounds

by Rogue

In case you haven’t, let us introduce you to the newest whisky making the rounds.



It’s high time to meet the newest player on the whisky block.

Over the past few years, more and more people have been learning to appreciate whisky and its smooth character. After all, whisky has become a staple drink in many a barkada drinking session. With the coming holiday season—and its many occasions for celebration—right around the corner, there’s no better time to introduce a new name to the table: Andy Player, a new whisky with a unique character, rich aroma, and complex taste for all to enjoy.

Andy Player is light and versatile; it’s not too strong on the palate, which means that there are different ways to enjoy the whisky to suit different tastes. One can drink it straight on the rocks to enjoy its immediate pure flavor that hints vanilla, dried berries, and maple syrup. Or, if one wants to try some fun mixes with friends, one can make a tasty Andy Cola—one part Andy, two parts cola. It also goes well with citrus soda or the kick of a nice coffee cocktail.

The ways for you and your friends to meet and enjoy Andy Player number the dozens. On the site (www.haveyoumetandy.com), you’ll find that even the up-and-coming leading lady Coleen Garcia has joined in the fun, taking visitors through the mix. Come and meet Andy– and introduce it too with the hashtag #HaveYouMetAndy.