The Best (And Only) Place To Have Boozy Brunch This Weekend is VASK Tapas Room

Luke Jorgensen of Fishbone brings Brunch Drunk Social to Manila.

by Andrea Ang

Luke Jorgensen of Fishbone, formerly of Michelin-starred farm to table restaurant Elizabeth, brings Brunch Drunk Social to Manila.



Ask any New Yorker-by-way-of-Cubao what they miss the most once they’re back on Manila soil, and the answer will most likely be one of the following: Advanced job opportunities. Decent transportation. Rooftop parties. And, of course, boozy brunch.

There have been many a thinkpiece on the boozy brunch (it’s America, after all) and its community-building effects, but rid yourself of the pretension. The beauty of the boozy brunch is its simple premise: weekend brunch in the city with unlimited drinks. It’s only in the details that it gets foggy—boozy brunch key success indicators include the perfect mix of friends (8-10 people ranging from industry insider to social media documenter is suggested), location within a great neighbourhood to walk around in after, friendly to pets but not to kids, outdoor seating, nearby parking, must accept credit cards—but we’re not quite there yet. At the moment, boozy brunch in Manila can only be had at one place—and on one Saturday, for that matter.


This weekend, Luke Jorgensen is coming to town for exactly that. Jorgensen is of Fishbone, the 20-year-old seafood institution in Queenstown, New Zealand, after a stint at the Chicago-based, Michelin-starred farm to table restaurant Elizabeth. As a traveling chef, however, Jorgensen has seen the insides of many a kitchen, from brew pubs to 20 course fine dining restaurants. Jorgensen is at home at each and every one, taking local ingredients into his own fluid process. As his team explains, “All of the dishes have a definite Filipino idea that directed them, from the obvious to the subtle.”

For his Manila brunch—aptly named Brunch Drunk Social—Jorgensen is teaming up with Vask Tapas Room and Destileria Limtuaco for a Filipino-American menu spanning 2 canapes, 7 courses, and 5 cocktails. Take the term “Filipino-American” lightly, however, as the menu is also Jorgensen’s own exploration of Filipino culture and people, as well as a preview of Vask’s new menu.

Croqueta Txipirones – Crab Hollandaise Pintxo (Vask Tapas Room)

Tartare, Blood, Vinegar, Corn (Luke Jorgensen)

Chicken Skin, Compressed Tomatoes, Onions, Rum (LJ)

Shellfish, Cabbage, Cashew, Fruit (LJ)

Grilled Fish, Potato Confit, Clam Emulsion, Seaweed Tempura (VTR)

Spiced Suckling Pig, Mango Salsa, Frijoles Mousse, Sour Cream (VTR)

Pork Shoulder, Mango, Sourdough (LJ)

Carrot Cake, Compressed Strawberry, Toffee Mouse, Goat Milk Ice Cream (LJ)

Drinks will be taken care of by Mark Herrera of Destileria Limtuaco. As the oldest distillery in the Philippines, Destileria Limtuaco is known for their incredible range of spirits and liqueurs, as well as their elegant, old world packaging. Herrera’s 5-cocktail menu will feature some of the distillery’s most prominent liqueurs, such as their Very Old Captain Rum, Manille Liqueur de Calamansi, Manille Liqueur de Dalandan, and Vigan Basi.

Smoky Old Nuts
: Very Old Captain Rum, Islay single malt, Frangelico

Manille Julep: Manille Liqueur de Calamansi, vermouth blanc, mint, bitters

Dalandan Splash: 
Manille Liqueur de Dalandan, dalandan juice, vodka, bitters, soda

Vigan Sour: 
Vigan Basi, lime, ginger juice, syrup, egg white

Brunch will be served on Saturday, June 18 at Vask Tapas Room, at PhP2500 a head, so perhaps—just this once—spend your Saturday mornings somewhere other than Salcedo Village.

VASK TAPAS ROOM, Clipp Center, 11th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila. For reservations and payment, contact or +63 917 846 4433. Limited seating only.